Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Thank you for using our services. As you are important to us so your trust also matters. That’s why has set this privacy policy to confirm that we are protecting your personal information and data. This privacy policy can and be change time by time. So, Please be sure and take some time to read it carefully.

Information We Collect

You need to provide some personal information while using the services of While registering on you must enter your name, email address and password, and similar information. We maintain your account so that you can use BelovedCoupons services in the future. We may also collect information about your computer and location data to maintain our system administration. When you use the services of our website, some of your personal information may be processed. In order to provide you with the best services cookies stored on your device permanently or for a limited time. All information that we collect is protected.

Why We Need to Collect Data?

The data you enter to “register” on is mainly used to maintain your account. So, whenever you visit our website you can use our services easily. The information you provide in the “Contact Us” form enables us to reach and forward messages to you.

When you ask any query we use you “Contact Us” information to respond and guide you. We may use your personal information to help us to deliver you the best services.

How Do We Keep Your Information Safe?

Of course! All information that you provide on our website is totally secure in all ways. does not share your information with any third party. And we may remove it after some time. We protect your information by using our special security measures.

Newsletter Information

To keep you updated with the latest news and offers we require your email address for the subscription. In all ways, your information kept secure and not share with anyone.

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